About Vaughn

No Matter What Business You're In You're in the People Business.

Vaughn Sigmon is a business and leadership expert with more than 20 years of experience. Since 2014 he works with business owners, executives, and managers, utilizing his vast wealth of resources.


Prior to that, he worked as a Regional Vice President for CarMax (A Fortune 100 Best Places to Work for 16 Years) and has held field executive positions with Kohls and Performance Bike Shops.


He has successfully trained, coached, mentored, and grown the careers of hundreds of executives and managers. He is an active podcaster and author.


His latest eBook

The One Thing All Sales Managers MUST Know  

Vaughn's "WHY"

There is an epidemic in the American Work Place and he saw where his experience and tools could be part of the remedy.

  • 73% of the American Workforce would leave their job tomorrow if a better offer came along.

  • 50% of them leave due to a bad relationship with their boss.

  • Why?


That just does not have to be. These business owners, executives, and managers would love to a better job of managing, leading and retaining their team members. They have just never been given the tools and training on how to manage people in an effective way.  Vaughn set out to be part of the solution by delivering my highly effective programs to the private business world.


He is the co-founder of Results-Driven Leadership.  He teamed with partners Danny Lanz of DEVORGSolutions and Tony Penn of PennUltimate Consulting in 2018. They are conducting highly interactive leadership development workshops monthly here in Orange County.

Their methods are brought from the real-world experience of being successful front line managers leading businesses and teams to high levels of accomplishment.

As a certified trainer with Allen Training Centers (ATC), Vaughn's mission is to improve the impact of executives and other managers by increasing their knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

I also own the local franchise for The Alternative Board (TAB) the worldwide leader of Peer Advisory Boards for private businesses. TAB has been named the #1 business services franchise for 5 years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

Huntington Beach Orange County Los Angeles & the Inland Impire

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Vaughn Sigmon Business Coaching

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