Turn-Key Sales Team

Provide your company with a complete sales department


Many companies find themselves ready to make the critical step to creating a sales team that will fast track their organization's scale.

 Unfortunately, many know they need to take this step;

However, they have never built a sales team before.;

HOW to take this step successfully?

Many get it wrong and pay the consequences

Let our experts do this for you with a "Turn-Key Sales System."


We do it all for you!

  • Design the sales process

  • Hire & Train the Sales Team

  • Hire &Train the Sales Manager

  • Create successful habits and results

  • Put processes and systems in place to sustain the team


All with the guidance and frontline experience of former executives who have been
successful in creating these teams and processes for decades.

Phase One:

Create a compelling value proposition for your targeted prospects.

Begin hiring the initial sales team


  • Determine the best value messaging for YOUR prospects

  • Create a compensation plan

  • Create a benchmark for “best fit” sales team members

  •  Recruit Hire and Train initial Sales Team Members

  • Recruit Hire Train first sales manager

  • Expected time to completion 6 Weeks.

  • Begin architecture design for a documented sales process

  • Determine ongoing needs for support of sales team

Phase Two:
Create a 10 step sales system that matches your industry's needs and nuances.
  • Finalize documented sales process

  • Launch Hub Spot CRM

  • Prospect list created and prioritized in CRM

  • Create pipeline in CRM

  • Create KPIs for management purposes

  • Begin training sales team using the first 5 Modules of Results Driven Sales Training

  • Begin training sales manager using first 5 Modules of Results Driven Sales Manager

  • A phased launch of the new sales team and process based on hire and start dates

  • Create sales inertia from the initial launch

  • Begin the management system and looking for opportunities for continuous improvement

  • Identify initial challenges and implement solutions

  • Qualification questions created and trained

  • The compelling reason to buy from you

  • Building value versus best price

  • Be able to display Empathy and Expertise in that order

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Phase Three:
Sustainment of System
  • Weekly process improvement meetings

  • Recruit, hire, onboard, and train next 20 sales reps and two sales managers in a phased approach

  • Weekly one on one development and accountability meetings

  • Weekly team meetings

  • Create a mentor system based on the strengths of the first team of sales reps

  • Refine benchmark for successful hires

  • Train initial hires on second of the five modules of Results Driven Sales Training

  • Train initial sales manager on the second of the five modules in Results-Driven Sales Management Training

  • Sales managers trained on how to hold effective meetings

The 10 Essentials for Getting Maximum Sa

Phase Four:

Close Out of initial engagement.

Determine continued needs For Results-Driven Leadership Services.

  • Our goal is to make the new sales team independent and self-sufficient

  •  Provide ongoing long term coaching of sales managers

  •  Be your provider for ongoing training for managers

  • Be your provider for ongoing sales training

Included in engagement:

  • All recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training needs

  • Recruiting tools and training

  • Onboarding tools and training

  • 10 Modules of Results Driven Sales Training

  • 10 Modules of Results Driven Sales Manger

Monthly Group Coaching Zoom Calls for manager and sales team for six months