The 10 Essentials for Getting Maximum Sa
Why a Sales Process?

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Adjusting When the sales process is not working, the salesperson can analyze, modify, or tweak a specific step in the process to get it back on track. Not having a sales process makes it difficult for the salesperson to know what is not working. You cannot fix what you cannot measure.

Salesperson and can get up to speed easier and faster when a process is already in place.

Selling is an intricate, business-focused mating ritual, one whose best-case outcome is always the same: a positive action where a prospect decides to buy. There are 10 steps along the way of this ritual that are basic steps for a top-performing salesperson. These are steps that you need to be able to recognize to be an effective sales professional.

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The 10 Step Sales Process:

  1. Prospecting

  2. Qualify

  3. Connect and Remove the Barrier of Trust

  4. Identify Pain & Need

  5. Present

  6. Handle Objections

  7. Issue a Proposal

  8. Close

  9. Deliver the Product

  10. Upsell/Cross-Sell