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4 Steps to Hiring a Winner

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

It is shocking how many hiring managers and executives have poor skills when interviewing for talent. #interviewtraining

How to Hire Great People Workshop

In my observations, it seems that in most cases, this key and the essential process have been self-taught, and they have not taught themselves very well.

As my mantra always goes, “No Matter What Business You’re in You’re in the People Business.” The people a company hires are the most asset they have. The bulk of your success will come from their efforts. The biggest headaches and fires that are created in your organization come from your people too. There is much to learn to be highly effective as a hiring professional. Let me share 4 Great Steps to Hiring a Winner.

1. Hire Slow!

Rushing to fill a position simply is where the problems usually start. Hiring on what your gut is telling you sets you up to fail. Always take your time and use as many resources as you can to identify the best candidates out there. It should take several weeks to fill a position, not several days. Once you begin interviewing, always have multiple people interview them. At least 2 others get different opinions and impressions. Remember you are making an investment, not just hire. #howtohiregreatemployees

2. You are not using Available Hiring Tools. Find an interview guide that uses the behavioral interview method. Have the candidate tell you stories not just give you answers. This approach is so much more effective. Once you find a guide, you can always customize it to your company’s specific needs. Have everyone use the interview guide and compare responses for consistency and honesty. #managementtraining #behaviorbasedinterviewing

3. They are not using Pre-Employment Testing. Get a leg up from the beginning. Utilize a DISC profile to understand their personality type, determines if they a good fit not only for the position but for your company culture. Determine their communication style and motivators, for salespeople use a Pre-employment sales survey as well. That way, you know the strengths and shortcomings of the candidate, avoiding huge hiring mistakes. #DISCpersonalityassessments

4. You are hiring Because of a Great Resume. Yes, the experience is great, but it’s not the most important thing. You should be looking for the right person, not the right resume. Taking someone’s experience from another company does not guarantee success that it will translate successfully to your company. It is tough to retrain someone who has years of experience, but that experience does not work in the process your company utilizes. Getting rid of habits is hard work. Many times, you will be far better off hiring less experience and investing in training them in your process.

There are actually 14 mistakes employers make when hiring new talent. To learn them and more on my “High Impact Manager” training program from Allen Training Center, contact me. Our courses will be one of the best investments in your leadership development efforts you've ever made. Our High Impact Managent Training utilizes the successful approaches the best managers on the planet deploy. Contact me and I will share with you my interview form with the best questions you can possibly ask to hire only winners. Free!

Allen Training Centers provides the functional tools that many managers lack. Let’s face facts. Many, if not most, managers are promoted into position for thier tactical ability. Now that they are a manager, where’s the training to teach them to be a manager? How to manage people? How to communicate, inspire, lead, plan, etc.?

Way too often these key skills are left to chance. Trial and error should not be a developmental approach.

Our 12 month 24 module training gives them all the management and development tools to be High Impact Managers. Preventing the mistakes most untrained managers make.

Management Training creates a huge ROI both financially and emotionally.

Contact us.

Click on this link for the scheudle of our upcoming Results Driven Leadership Workshops

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