Most Important Selling Tool Today

Nothing is more important in today’s selling environment that this.

Email sucks for everything except sending links and attachments, confirming meetings, saying hello, catching up, and sending along meeting agendas. You should never sell over email and you know this. How many unsolicited emails do you delete each day with offers to generate leads, appointments, SEO, website design, IT help and more? Would you like to know what is always more effective than email?

The Phone is a much better way to have a conversation because you simply can not have a conversation over email. You lose context, tonality, meaning, timing, spontaneity, and all of the dynamics of a conversation! Please choose the phone for prospecting, following up on inbound leads, making outbound calls, and for follow up conversations. Would you like to know what is always more effective than the phone?

Video is best. While you can have an actual conversation over the phone, you can't see how your prospects and customers are reacting and for building trust, they can't look you in the eyes. Video solves that. I'm going to use my dog, Dinger, as an example. You may recall that last year I proved that Dinger has better listening skills than most salespeople.

Seeing how they react, how they respond and what they do is even more important than hearing their words. I know, my example is with a dog. Would it be any different if you asked a person? Suppose you asked, "Is this something you would find useful?" and the human said, "yah, sure."

Let's assume you have the ability to observe them and you see them responding to email while they absentmindedly say, "yah, sure."

It's more important than ever that you choose video over phone if you can't meet face to face. You want to have every possible advantage, tool, weapon, strategy and tactic at your disposal and video is the closest you can get to the good old days of face to face.

One of the new competencies that Objective Management Group (OMG) now measures is Video Proficiency.

When evaluating a sales team we also capture two videos of your salespeople delivering their elevator pitches and value propositions. When assessing sales candidates, the Video Proficient competency, while not one of the 21 Sales Core Competencies, is still very nice to know.

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