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Easy Tips For STRATEGY Success

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

When developing a strategic plan, many companies go offsite once a year for a “retreat.” But is there a better way? Next time you tackle your strategic plan, consider this advice. #strategicplanning #executivecoaching

Quit "retreating!"

Retreating is an inherently defensive and reactionary move — it implies the leaders of the company are leaving the field with their tails between their legs. Employees may ask themselves: Why are they hiding? Is it time to wave the white flag? Will we be able to keep our personal firearms and horses?

Retreating implies passive reflection and regrouping, whereas a strategic planning session should involve decisive action. Consider an alternative label for your strategic planning event. Depending on the focus and circumstances, it can be called a company renovation or renewal meeting or a planning rally. No matter which term you choose, your employees and co-participants will have vastly improved mindsets about the process.

Location, location, locationWhen holding a strategic planning event, choose a comfortable, neutral setting and establish an atmosphere of safe and open communication.

In TAB, we refer to this as a TABenos, which is based on the Greek concept of temenos, or an area that’s set aside from everyday use. It should be a sort of sanctuary dedicated to accomplishing the work of deep reflection and planning — so, not a busy conference room, or even the boss’ house. #tabboards

Start Strategic Planning the Right Way

Along with creating a productive physical space, set expectations by establishing an “Up Front Contract” for the event that includes clearly defined outcomes and goals. You could also consider using a trained and experienced facilitator to lead the meeting.

A facilitator can:

Manage meeting time so it is used efficiently.Make sure everyone feels heard. Help people find common ground, come to agreements and make decisions. Help the team surface individual and collective undercurrents, manage conflicts and come to some resolution.

Make sure that the next actions are clear and that all understand what is to happen in the future. #strategicfacilitator

Not surprisingly I'm a facilitator who would love to help you with making your next strategic offsite a success. Contact me

Allen Training Centers provides the functional tools that many managers lack. Let’s face facts. Many, if not most, managers are promoted into position for thier tactical ability. Now that they are a manager, where’s the training to teach them to be a manager? How to manage people? How to communicate, inspire, lead, plan, etc.?

Way too often these key skills are left to chance. Trial and error should not be a developmental approach.

Our 12 month 24 module training gives them all the management and development tools to be High Impact Managers. Preventing the mistakes most untrained managers make.

Management Training creates a huge ROI both financially and emotionally. Contact us.

We offer a wide aray of management training and leadership development programs here in Orange County CA and virtually nearly everywhere in the world. We also offer executive coaching and peer advisory boards. Our leadership development workshops are held monthly here in Orange County. If you want to look at our topics click on this link

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