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Managing a sales force isn’t like managing any other department. Lack of sales management effectiveness is a huge issue in many organizations.


Without effective sales management, goals are too often missed, and gross profit is less than it should be. Having an effective manager can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success.


This program involves 10 skill sets that sales managers need to bring about maximum results from their team



The program provides 10 months of blended learning with online training for a different topic each month, followed by a face-to-face training session, which may be virtual or in person.


The training is not sales training. Instead, it provides the tools, framework, knowledge, and skills to recruit, hire and manage your salespeople, so they get significantly greater results for your organization.

What You Will Discover


  • Understand the factors they influence that impacts sales performance

  •  Build  sales goals and plans that will be achieved

  •  Both inspire their sales team and hold them accountable

  •  Manage the sales pipeline of the sales teams

  •  Speed up sales cycles and maximize every opportunity

  •  Coach for top performance

  • Be effective communicators and decision-makers


Great Sales management includes developing your salespeople. With our sales management training, you will see lasting improved retention of those with outstanding sales performances.

The RDSM Course Modules

1. You Cannot Manage Salespeople Like Anyone Else in the Organization

Key Take Away​

High Impact Sales Managers understand that salespeople require a different type of management. We’ll look at some of the most important best practices when it comes to managing salespeople.

 You must understand your salespeople to know how to best manage them

 The way you’re used to managing other employees will not work with your sales team

 Understand how Results Driven Sales  Managers overcome the 10  challenges of managing salespeople


2. How to Inspire Your Sales Team

Key Take Away​

The lack of inspiration is one of the most common, and preventable, reasons sales teams become dysfunctional and underperform. We’ll look at some of the ways you can motivate your sales team.

Great Sales Managers inspire both their team and hold each salesperson accountable for results.

 You cannot intimidate, analyze, or lecture a sales team into performing.

 Understand the 18 inspiration tactics you can use with your salespeople.


3.Defining a Sales Process and Structure

Key Take Away​

There are 3 things essential to top-level sales staff performance.  You'll discover how having written documentation on the following items improves your sales team's results.

You have to have a Sales System

A repeatable and sustainable sales process

The importance of a salesperson’s job description

The trick to creating a successful compensation plan


4.Creating a Successful Plan for Sales Training

Key Take Away​

You need a strong sales training plan to maximize the sales results of your sales staff. Poor sales training results in lost revenue and higher turnover

 Without an ongoing sales training and development plan, your sales team will never deliver their potential

 Providing good sales training will increase the longevity of your good salespeople with the company 

 There are four strategies that you need to address in your sales training plan.


5.Key Performance Indicators

Key Take Away​

It is a lot less difficult and much more effective if you manage your salespeople “by the numbers,” which refers to using measurable results for sales and sales-related activities for your evaluations.

 Managing without measurements means you are unable to compare your salespeople’s results to a goal 

 Key Performance Indicators act as an early warning system indicating potential sales behavior issues

There are 5 elements that help you create a management plan by the numbers.

Without KPI's you lose the competitive edge within your team


6.Weekly one-on-one Meetings

Key Take Away​

To get the sales results you desire from your sales staff, you need to be holding weekly one on one meetings with each of your salespeople and holding weekly sales team meetings.

 Properly structured meeting  with your salespeople gives you the performance edge you seek

 Use these meetings to prioritize and direct your salespeople’s activities.

7. How to Manage Prospecting Calls Effectively

Key Take Away​

Having your salespeople make prospecting calls to prospects is a great low-cost way for them to schedule sales appointments.

The responsibilities of your sales team should include making some minimum number of prospecting calls 

The overall results from prospecting calls by most salespeople are often less than desirable because they are not following these  basic guidelines.


8. Selling Steps Every Sales Manager Must Know

Key Take Away​

Many Sales Managers have not defined the most effective selling steps. This limits your team's performance. Once defined the Results-Driven Sales Manager can then manage the behaviors that drive the numbers much more effectively.

Selling is an intricate ritual, one whose best-case outcome is always the same goal

There are common steps along the way of this ritual.

These are steps that you need to be able to  recognize in order to manage salespeople effectively.


9. Addressing Underperforming Salespeople

Key Take Away​

When you have an underperforming salesperson, sales opportunities and profits for the organization are being lost. Who should you put effort into and who should you move off the team is often a difficult choice.

There are ways to improve the results of underperforming salespeople

You must understand how to define the underperformers whom you can develop for higher achievement

You must know why and when to upgrade (replace) your underperforming salespeople.


10. How to Hire Great Salespeople

Key Take Away​

Hiring salespeople is more difficult than hiring most other types of employees and most get it wrong. As a result, it’s incredibly easy to select the wrong person for a sales position.

If you hire the wrong salespeople, your organization will pay a steep price in lost sales opportunities

Learn the well-defined traits and competencies of great salespeople in order to choose the best candidate

Hiring based on experience as a priority is HUGE MISTAKE and must be avoided

Let's Start Improving Your and Your Sales Teams Performance!

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Results Driven Sales Management Testimonials

“As a result of the Results-Driven Sales Management training, I now have a compensation program for my salespeople that gives them greater motivation and accountability, both individually and as a team. As an added bonus, even my top performers are getting better results than ever with newly established goals to strive for with incentives when they are reached.”

Brandon Nixon – Update Promise

“The Results Driven Sales Manager training program helped me to learn the techniques I need to use to keep my salespeople excited. I never realized before how important it was to avoid things that can pop their “emotional balloons” and how much I was missing in terms of tools used for motivating and retaining my sales staff. The value of the training is abundantly clear through their improved sales results.”

Doug Holcomb – Industrial Finishes

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